The Samsung Galaxy A12 really is just skin deep

, as far as smartphone performance goes. It has a lot of hardware potential, so much so that Samsung has priced it at a really high end level. However, it is not a catastrophe, mind you – far from it. The A12 really is just more skin deep. galaxy a12

To understand why this is the case we need to take stock of what makes the phones of this stature so great. The first thing that most consumers think of when they say that the best smartphone is the one with the largest display – that is the S Pen stylus which, when used properly, makes writing a text or making a web search faster. The S Pen does a great job of making these things fast, but what about the real life stuff? Like, say, browsing the web or reading a book? Well, the Galaxy A12 does not quite have as many options as the S Pen does, but it comes pretty close in the amount of functionality the device has. And this is where the real problem lies – while it has a lot of neat features and a lot of wow factor, the Galaxy A12’s biggest shortcoming is in the amount of RAM it has.

When you look at the front camera on the Galaxy A12, you will see that it is an 8.0 inch unit that is just okay. There is nothing spectacular about the front camera of this phone, and it does not help that it is filled with all sorts of flashy features. The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes equipped with the same camera set up as the iPhone 5s, which means that it is filled with all sorts of fancy features – such as auto focus, manual focusing, and image stabilization. But what really bugs me is that this front camera is just okay. It does not compare to the iPhone’s, nor does it compare to the high end devices such as the HTC Desire HD or the LG Optimus Vu.

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